The history of  Deveron Lewendal brand from Sweden....
   The Deveron Lewendal story started at the Nordic mode event in Copenhagen one of the incredible cities in the heart of Scandinavian trending in fashion. On that magnificent ceremony we met influencers, artists, and designers whose vision of beauty consisted of passion, simplicity, and conciseness of lines inspired us to create the aesthetic DL brand from Sweden. 


Our Philosophy

   We are living in an exciting world that is constantly evolving and changing. And sometimes it can be difficult for us to mind what we use with all modern innovations. But at the same time, we want to be relevant here and now without changing ourselves. Therefore, the concept of our mission is creating a brand designed to live a taste of time on the world’s modern wave. Deveron Lewendal facilitate and accelerate choices on style by emphasizing exactly your individuality in everyday and festive life.